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Our Services

Assistance with Living

Koiop Connect provides supports to clients by incorporating assistance with and supervising tasks of daily living in a shared living arrangement, with the focus on developing the skills of each individual to live as autonomously as possible.

Our Services

Community Participation

Koiop Connect provides assistance to clients wishing to participate in individual and group community life, and centre-based activities. These may include supported shopping, medical appointments, sporting and recreational activities, social events, visiting or making new friends, travel, improving confidence and social skills.

Our Services

Daily Living and Life Skills

Koiop Connect provides NDIS clients with a range of services that will enhance and develop client’s life skills and daily living. This includes providing supports that enhance wellbeing, including physical activity and nutritious diets. Koiop Connect focus on assisting clients to develop activities that can be undertaken by the client or their carer, to increase their ability to live as autonomously as possible; including supports that enhance client’s ability to travel and use public transport independently.

Our Services

Household Tasks

To enable clients to maintain their home environment and to stay in their home longer, Koiop Connect offers a range of services that the client may be unable to undertake. These include home cleaning, laundry, meal preparation and delivery, mowing and yard maintenance.  

Our Services

Personal Activities

This includes providing support and assistance with daily and high intensity activities, such as personal care, hygiene, dressing, medication and domestic tasks. Koiop Connect assists clients to live as autonomously as possible. Supports are included in a range of environments, including the client’s home.

Our Services

Transport Assistance

Koiop Connect provides travel and transport assistance to clients who are unable to use, or access, public transport or other kinds of transport. Koiop Connect can transport clients from their homes and back, to their daytime activities, medical appointments, workplace, place of studyand leisure activities.

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